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Lawn mower service in Banstead,Croydon,Sutton,Wallington, Purley Oxted Redhill, Reigate,


 I will provide a estimate before carrying out full service.

When we do a full service on a petrol rotary mower
  1. Remove all covers and guards.
  2. Steam clean the machine to remove any grass build up.
  3. Remove and strip the carburettor and clean it in an ultrasonic tank.
  4. Flush the fuel tank to remove any stale fuel and contamination.
  5. Replace the pull starter cord and re-wind the return spring and               lubricate all moving parts.
  6. Check the air gap on the ignition coil and fit a new spark plug.
  7. Replace the air filter.
  8. Change the engine oil.
  9. Sharpen and balance the blade. (included in price)
  10. Check drive belt and cables and make any necessary adjustments.
  11. Lubricate height adjuster mechanism and all control levers and cables.
  12. Tighten the engine mounting and handle bar bolts.
  13. Run and test all machine functions.
  14. Check engine running speed and tune carburettor.


        Lawn mower Services and with free local Collection and Delivery

Domestic walk behind petrol rotary lawn mower services

 Full Service: 95.00 + Parts (No VAT)

 (Drive, roller repair will be extra charge of 50.00 Hayter-Honda)

Are you in a hurry? Make it express for only 30.00 extra 

Express Service for only 30,00 extra
*Are you fed up with waiting for your lawn Mower to be serviced or Repaired? Are you told "We can't get the parts for your mower", or "Sorry, we are so busy, I will get ready your mower within 3 days.
I will return your mower within 3 working days from collection (The collection day does not count for a day) if you choose our Express Service option for only extra 30,00 (Domestic customer only subject to make/model if I can not make it on time you will not be charge, but your mower stays in the express line)

Basic Service: 100.00 includes parts and service (No VAT)
 (Engine service Only) 

Briggs & Staratton Classic, sprint, quattro 3.5, 3.75,  4, 450, 500, 550,
Budget lawnmowers plastic cutter deck sovereign 150cc, FPLMP 139 petrol lawnmower

Parts included: Spark plug, engine oil, Kit carb overhaul, (gaskets, O ring, Diaphragm etc.) pull cord rope, starter handle, primer bulb (changed if necessary)
Fuel treatment, spark plug boot and terminal (Where applies)
Blade sharpen and balanced.

Any other parts will be charged extra like Cutter blade, handle bolt, cables etc.

Basic service: 130.00 includes parts and service (No VAT)
(Engine service only) 

Briggs & Stratton Quantum, 625E, 650E, 675EX,  Honda GCV 135, GCV 160 and any other engine not listed.

Parts included: as listed above plus air filter, fuel line, Float valve, Grommet, 

  3 months warranty for Engine
  1 month to Self Propelled 

We Do not repair / service electric mowers
We do not service cylinder mowers
Regular mower repair or lawn mower servicing is important for the reliability of any machine.

We invite you to take advantage of this booking for the annual lawnmower Service.

I will provide a estimate before carrying out the service. (Not  quotation)
 Would not like me to carry out the service after Estimate your lawnmower will be return to you and 40.00 Diagnostic will be charged                (if you do there is no charge for the diagnostic)
Lawn mower service in Oxted by Dr Mower expert
mower repairs by drmower in Oxted as well.

 Call me on 020 8166 5595 for more information or you can use a online booking form
Ride-on Mower Servicing
Petrol Only: Blowers, Brushcutters, Chain saws, Hedge Cutters
 Honda, Husqvarna, Stiga, Westwood/Countax    350+ Parts No VAT   
                                80.00 + Parts No VAT

 All Other Types              300.00 + Parts No VAT

Sweeper service 60.00                                                  

 Upfront payment on collection 40.00 (non - refundable)
Collection & Delivery 20.00 
 Free collection & Delivery | Please note you can not bring to Us!
My first time with Dr Mower and excellent quality of work and service. Engine problems sorted and my mower is running like a dream. A great example of how a business should be run. Many thanks and I will be back for my next service.

Les Howell

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

During work servicing in Caterham

Important Information - Please Read

Your garden machine or Lawn mower after service will be supply with a quantity of fresh petrol treated with fuel stabiliser in its tank to ensure that it will start easily, even after extended storage.
Conventional petrol deteriorates quickly becoming stale after only 30 days, this can cause starting problem and lack of power.
Petrol older than 6 weeks can cause internal damage to fuel systems resulting in costly repairs.
Please ensure that you use only fresh petrol, preferably treated with fuel stabilizer.

Please dispose of any petrol over 2 months old in a safe manner.

Problems caused by the addition of stale or contaminated fuel even straight after a service can be rectified, but at your cost rather than under our warranty.

For more information call us any time during opening hours on 07760 988 200

Kind regards George
The Dr Mower Team