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Prevent early lawn mower service and extend engine life.

Posted on 3 February, 2018 at 11:50 Comments comments (1)

Cooling system of your petrol lawn mower.

Grass particles, chaff, or dirt can clog the air cooling system, especially after prolongedservice in very dusty conditions or when cutting dry grass.

Continued operation with clogged cooling system can cause severe overheating and possible engine damaged.

This is Dr Mower Wallington and Banstead, take extra care of the cooling system when we do a full lawn mower service at our workshop in Caterham near Reigate.

Air Cleaners - General

A properly maintained petrol lawn mower always has a clean air filter which is protects Internal parts of the engine from dust particles in the air.

If an air filter is dirty or clogged, dirt and dust which should be collected in the air cleaner will be drawn into the engine and become part of the oil film.

This is why important to have a regual mower service or just a quick repair change of air filter in our lawn mower service can provide the right parts for your lawn mower.

Dirt in the oil forms an abrasive mixture which trusted wears moving parts instead of protecting, Which is very detrimental to engine life.

Air filter service, All model series

Remove the air filter cover. Clean any debris from the air filter base and cover.

Replace or fitt foam pre - filter Yearly which will extend your lawnmower engine life 

Replace cartridge yearly.

Service air filter more often when engine is operated dusty conditions.

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